If you like photgraphy you can go into the city or nature and shoot as many nice pictures as you want. You can also look on the web for a wallpaper. Wallpapers are available in many different species such as wallpaper HD, wallpapers for mobile and wallpapers for widescreen, there are many more but we dont have to tell them all and else just take a look on google. A wallpaper can be found on many different sites. We call it wallpaper sites cause it's just a big gallery of some really nice wallpapers. If you want to use images for on your own website it's the best that you take your own pictures so you are sure nobody say that you pickes there images. You can also edit your images with some special programs such as adobe photoshop cs6 or another version of that program or a whole other program. So you can give your own style to these pictures. You can also make some nice thank you, happy birthday, happy valentines day or some other wish cards. You can put your own text on that and just print them at your home. That will safe a lot of money instead of buying expensive giftcards everytime when you want to say happy birthday or thank you. You can also send them to a copycenter and let your photo or wallpaper print on a canvas, for in your house or the room of one of you children or as a present for one of your friends or family, if that's the case you can choose to print a spiderman, batman, captain america or another nice cartoon hero. As you can see you can do many nice things with wallpapers. You can even print them on your bedsheet, t-shirt or whatever you can think of. You can also print some nice stickers for on your car scooter door or whatever. Or if you have a birthday you can set the print with a nice text on your birthday cake as you see the sky is the limit. These wallpapers are available for your personal use. But if you wish to use them for other purposes than just send an e-mail to the author. In that e-mail you can explain what your plan is with those wallpapers and he or she will tell you if you get permission to do whatever you want to do. Else you can just make your own pictures and fix them on photoshop in the style that you really like. Just keep following this site because in the future we will come with nice tricks and easy and cheap ways to do really nice things with images. So just pick some nice wallpapers and make sure you use them right. And be as creative as you can imagine.